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Your First Visit

Welcome to our practice:


Neurological Consultation generally will last 30-60 minutes, depending upon the nature of the problem and whether specific testing is needed.


We ask that you fill out a history and registration form (available here - for adults - registration and history.pdf and for our pediatric patients - pediatric registration and history.pdf) that helps to provide information about your current concerns, medications you are taking, any hospitalizations and other background medical information.  If this is a follow-up visit we ask that you update your medical history as well (available here - follow up.pdf).


Please come early, as sometimes the parking lot is crowded, especially between 10 AM and 3 PM. If the lot is full, you may park in the back next door at Rite Aid,  but not at McDonald’s.


Please check your health insurance to determine whether it is necessary to bring a referral form from your primary care doctor. The referral form is very important. Many of the managed care health insurance contracts specify that we cannot see patients who do not have referral forms, even if the patient is willing to pay the fee in cash out of pocket.


Many insurance plans will not accept a doctor's prescription as a referral (e.g.  Aetna, Empire). A Referral Form is needed. Please check your insurance to avoid the need to reschedule your appointment. Call and ask our staff if you are not sure.


We have had patients who are very unhappy because the referral document was forgotten and their primary doctor's office was closed at the time of their appointment with us, so no referral could be obtained.  Most insurance companies will not permit referral forms to be filled out on the next day.


We participate in Medicare and many managed care plans. When you make your appointment, please check with our staff to be sure that we participate in your plan. We do not participate in Medicaid.


We ask that you pay your copay at the time of the visit, either in cash or by check. We also accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards.


We appreciate the opportunity to provide neurological services to you.

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